Flexible & off-site work (203 items)

Public sector HR 'overstaffed'; Warning on overtime perils; and more

The Australian Public Service should downsize its HR departments, a review of the sector recommends. Meanwhile, HR specialists warn against unpaid overtime; research has found new links between job insecurity and mental ill health; and the AHRC has appointed three new commissioners. » more »

Reports on soft skills, bullying, disengagement and much more

Demand for soft skills in younger workers is dramatically increasing, but they are failing to keep up, a major report shows. Meanwhile, an inquiry has highlighted the cultural issues that can promote workplace bullying; technology is decreasing face-to-face interactions; the AFP says cybercriminals are targeting HR payroll systems; and more. » more »

Redeployment dispute ruled in employer's favour; plus research on anxiety, long hours and more

The Fair Work Commission has rejected that a worker facing redundancy should have received preference over a colleague for a "new" position, further clarifying employers' redeployment obligations. Meanwhile, research has found long hours and work-life balance aren't incompatible; employers should do more to address Millennials' anxiety; and more. » more »