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Employers' COVIDsafe precautions could cross the line

Despite the COVID-19 workplace risks that can arise from employees' out-of-hours activity, there's very little employers can legally do to regulate it, a lawyer says.

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Case study: Atlassian employees drive crisis response and back-to-work plan

Atlassian has focused on measuring how employees are doing instead of what they're doing during the pandemic, and is now sharing the tools it has developed to communicate and understand where people need support. » more »


FWC re-affirms its role in JobKeeper payment disputes

A Fair Work Commission full bench has rejected another jurisdictional challenge by Qantas regarding a JobKeeper underpayment dispute. Meanwhile the Commission has reduced an employer's redundancy obligation to nil, accepting it had no capacity to pay. » more »


Webcast: Performance strategies during workplace disruption

The coronavirus pandemic and its business impact raise entirely new challenges in performance management. This webinar provides an update on performance management and why it isn't working; performance strategies that make an impact; and what specifically needs to change, in light of COVID-19. » more »

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Rossato ruling limits workforce flexibility at crucial moment


Impacts of the Rossato v WorkPac case are likely to include both a loss of flexibility for employers if more casuals convert to permanency, and also a rise in the irregularity and unpredictability of work for those who don't, experts say. » more »

"Belligerent" employee loses JobKeeper dispute; No personal leave during stand downs


A part-time employee who refused to use some of her annual leave while receiving JobKeeper payments has received little sympathy from the Fair Work Commission. Meanwhile, the Federal Court has ruled that employees are not entitled to paid personal leave during stand downs. » more »