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Follow practical steps to draft better deeds

Thinking through the practical steps involved in a termination of employment will help HR professionals ensure a settlement deed properly addresses an employer's interests, says Harmers team leader, Karen Jones.

Webcast: Settlement deeds explained

Do you know your recitals from your releases? Your testimonium from your testatum? Watch this webcast to ensure your employee settlement deeds are watertight.

Webcast: Drug and alcohol issues at work

Every HR and safety practitioner will potentially have to address drug and alcohol issues at work, but none should take action without a solid understanding of the legal landscape.

In this presentation, Luke Connolly and Allison Grant, from Mills Oakley Lawyers, explain:

  • When - and how - it is appropriate to conduct workplace drug tests;
  • How to respond to incidents of drug and alcohol use at work;
  • Drafting considerations for drug and alcohol policies; and
  • Legal risks arising from workplace drug and alcohol management.

Webcast: Developing a social media policy

Implementing a policy to regulate employees' social media behaviour puts employers in a "much better place" to prevent some of the damage that can occur, says employment lawyer Fay Calderone.

Podcast: Q&A - Drug and alcohol issues at work

Can employers face legal risks for not implementing a workplace drug-testing regime? How should managers deal with workers who refuse to be tested? Is consistency required when dealing with positive drug-test results?

Mills Oakley employment lawyers Luke Connolly and Allison Grant answer these questions and more - read or listen to their answers here.

Webcast: Managing executive terminations

Do you know which steps to take to protect your organisation's interests after an executive separation?

In this presentation, Harmers COO Emma Pritchard explains:

  • Risks employers face when dismissing senior employees;
  • What to review in contracts before a separation of employment;
  • Features of effective restraint clauses, and how to enforce them;
  • Gardening leave - when and how it can operate;
  • Deeds of release - important features to protect the employer; and
  • Lessons learned from executive terminations case law.

Q&A: Managing executive terminations

What is a normal period of notice payable when a senior executive's employment is terminated? Should contracts contain tiered restraints? How hard is it to renegotiate a clause in an executive contract once they have signed it?

In her presentation earlier this month, Emma Pritchard of Harmers Workplace Lawyers provided listeners with information and guidance on how to best manage executive terminations.

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