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Webcast: What's next for industrial relations?

In light of the federal election outcome, employers must now "buckle in" for some major shifts in industrial relations and other employment matters. Watch this webcast to understand what to expect.

Webcast: Unpacking casual and contractor changes

The past year has seen some definitive rulings on what constitutes a casual employee or contractor, with important ramifications for all employers. Watch this HR Daily Premium webcast to understand what these cases mean for your organisation's contingent workforce arrangements.

Webcast: COVID-19 vaccination case law update

New vaccination-related disputes are being determined almost daily, and this area is set to remain a key challenge for HR. Watch this HR Daily Premium webcast to understand the most important rulings and their implications for employers.

Webcast: Post-employment risks and protections

With high numbers of employees now indicating a willingness to leave their organisation, it's never been more important to ensure post-employment protections are in order. Get on the front foot by watching this HR Daily Premium webcast.

Webcast: HR hot spots 2022

After an exhausting 2021 filled with people issues, what new and evolving challenges can HR professionals expect to face next? Watch this HR Daily Premium webcast to find out.

Webcast: Unfair dismissal case law review

The past year's unfair dismissal rulings have highlighted new challenges facing employers, while providing important insights and lessons. Watch this webcast to understand what lies ahead in this jurisdiction.

Webcast: Best-practice supports for caregiving employees

Managing caregiving employees has never been so challenging, and policies that were considered "progressive" not long ago are now just "expected". Watch this webcast to learn what now ranks as best practice and where your organisation can step up.

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