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Q&A: Covert workplace recordings

With so many meetings happening virtually, it's safest to assume employees might record some. But employers can take steps to protect against the shock of a covert recording submitted as evidence in a claim.

Q&A: How lockdowns are impacting mental health

Current lockdowns, on top of fears about both the virus and vaccinations, are causing widespread anxiety. A psychiatrist says it's best for all managers to "assume that [employees] are struggling".

Q&A: What lies ahead for flexible work

The past year has seen employers evolve their approaches to flexibility in impressive ways, but where are we now? A workplace expert discusses progress, next steps and stumbling blocks.

Q&A: Probationary and minimum employment periods

Probation and minimum employment periods are distinct concepts, but confusion between the two causes many workplace disputes. This Q&A sets out the difference, along with best-practice approaches.

Q&A: Managing workers with secondary employment

The pandemic has increased the number of workers engaging in secondary work or 'side gigs', with serious implications for employers. This Q&A addresses critical policy and practice considerations.

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