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Blog post: Who leaders are...

Leaders are always seeking to raise the game for their teams and themselves. They are always testing and building both courage and stamina throughout the organisation... » more »

Blog post: Sometimes HR needs to go back to basics

The new HR language has resulted in alienating others further. It can, however, be recovered to a degree by revisiting the good old fashioned simple point of what HR was all about – helping to get the best performance from the people in a business... » more »

Like it or not, HR's going global

HR departments that aren't yet working across countries will soon have to - whether they like it or not - and should already be adapting to "think and operate globally", says Lance Richards of Kelly Services. » more »

Don't rely on audits to detect fraud

Employers should train staff to identity - and address - behaviour associated with fraud, says Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) president James Ratley. » more »