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Commitment to employees "laid bare" in tough times

Insights into how employees are coping and how well they feel supported to do their jobs will be critical to maintaining productivity and engagement as the coronavirus pandemic plays out, specialists say.

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Emotionally intelligent leaders key in a crisis

Today's challenging times call for leaders with high emotional intelligence to guide their teams to deliver results, says an expert. » more »


Employers make quick shift to 'virtual' recruitment

Some employers are now managing unprecedented numbers of job applicants in the wake of COVID-19, while navigating new virtual hiring processes to comply with social distancing rules. » more »


Webcast: Personal & accessorial liability update

The ways in which HR and other leaders can be held personally liable for workplace issues continue to evolve in light of recent legislation and court rulings. This webinar unpacks the key risks and how to mitigate them. » more »

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Lockdown measures prompt widespread stand-downs; IR changes paused; and more

Employers across Australia are making difficult decisions about their workforce in light of business conditions deteriorating. Also in this article, Fair Work changes are on hold and the FWO gets more resources; networking challenges in the remote work era; and more. » more »