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The five components of emotional intelligence mastery

HR's role must shift back from a compliance focus to performance and coaching if organisations expect to develop emotional intelligence in their workforce, a cultural change and EI specialist says.

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Recruitment tech takeup remains low; little time to "play catchup"

Australia continues to lag behind the US when it comes to adopting recruitment technologies. ATC director Trevor Vas comments on the most surprising areas, and where the biggest opportunities lie. Another expert warns that the window for playing "catchup" is rapidly closing. » more »


Public vilification didn't amount to workplace discrimination

A tribunal has found a manager didn't discriminate against an employee based on his s-xual orientation, despite publicly expressing his "strongly held negative views" about gay men and women. » more »


Webcast: Managing executive performance and behaviour

Misbehaviour and underperformance can be particularly difficult to manage when it involves senior people in an organisation. In this HR Daily Premium webcast, a lawyer shares tips for handling complaints against senior staff, policy and contract considerations, and more. » more »

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