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Commissioner's "strong views" not consistent with procedural fairness

An employer has convinced a Fair Work Commission full bench that a Commissioner who "expressed strong views" on an employee's unfair dismissal claim had not afforded it procedural fairness before deciding in her favour.

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Project self-selection boosts employee engagement

Allowing employees to self-select their projects and teams has helped keep engagement levels high through a period of growth and change, according to executives at one of Australia's fastest-growing companies. » more »


Employee given chance to replead "significantly flawed" claim

An employment law firm that allegedly failed in its implied duty of care, didn't honour its contractual obligations, and committed adverse action, has lost its bid to have an employee's claims against it dismissed. » more »


Webcast: Emotional intelligence in the workplace

While everyone now agrees that emotional intelligence is important, many employers are yet to act on that knowledge in ways that truly benefit their workplace. This HR Daily Premium webcast outlines applications of successful emotional intelligence programs; practical takeaways for HR and managers; and more. » more »

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Ex-employee can't be bullied; Change management lacking in D&I; and more

A dismissed employee has failed to gain orders against former colleagues she claimed were still bullying her by calling her phone. Also in this article: recent dismissal rulings; why diversity and inclusion programs fail to drive change; and the biggest causes of pay rate discrepancies. » more »