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Effective change management aids engagement

Workers who believe their employer manages change effectively are substantially more likely to be engaged and productive, new research shows.

Downturn drives re-think on executive pay packages

In difficult economic times employers must ensure they balance shareholder concerns about executive pay with the need to attract and retain talent, says Yolande Foord, executive remuneration leader at Mercer Australia.

Grad programs that fail to create leaders are "charity"

Employers that fail to retain employees beyond their graduate recruitment program and promote them into management roles are not achieving a reasonable return on their investment, according to Onetest CEO, Steven Dahl.

Systemic bias against women at board level: study

Women in Australia continue to face barriers to their involvement at board level and are under-valued as non-executive directors, according to a new report that says the "fundamental" deficiency is failing to train, develop and mentor women early in their careers.

An inadequate succession plan could send your business broke

Employers can expect to lose profits or even be forced out of business if they don't have in place a thorough and systematic succession plan, according to the group marketing director of a human resources management service.

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