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Many employers unprepared for "proactive" casual conversions

Employers have less than two weeks to assess whether to offer permanent employment to their casual workforce. Here's what needs to be happening now.

As per the casuals provisions in the IR omnibus bill passed earlier this year, employers (other than small employers) have until 27 September to assess whether to make a conversion offer to casuals they have employed prior to 27 March, HR Law group practice leader Kristin Ramsey tells HR Daily.

This means assessing whether each employee:

  • has been employed by the employer for 12 months;
  • has worked a regular pattern of hours for at least the last six months; and
  • could continue working these hours as a full-time or part-time employee without significant changes.

After making their assessment, employers have 21 days to make a conversion offer to eligible employees, Ramsey notes...

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