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Webcast: Putting value back into position descriptions

HR professionals should play a "quality control" role in overseeing position descriptions, providing advice and support to managers and their employees. In this webcast Right Management principal consultant Michael Sleap outlines:

  • the characteristics of great position descriptions;
  • the benefits of using position descriptions;
  • the costs and risks of not having position descriptions;
  • effective management of PDs;
  • who should write the PD; and
  • the future of PDs.
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Who owns those contacts?

Application of the laws covering "ownership" of social media contacts is still in its infancy, but the case law to date sheds light on some of the factors that can determine what rights an employer has to the information, says HR Daily Community blogger Kristin Ramsey. » more »

How to avoid declined job offers

A survey of 750 job seekers in Australia and New Zealand has found four in five have declined a job offer in the past, but less than half did so due to a better offer from another employer. » more »