Recruitment is all about the attraction and selection of talent: people who have the potential – both now and in the future.

Both the Public Service Act 1999 (PSA) and the Government Sector Act 1999 (GSA) require that engagement and promotion decisions are based on merit. In Revelian's latest whitepaper, we explore what constitutes best practice assessment and selection for government, and the role assessments play in increasing the fairness of the selection process and gaining in-depth insight for shortlisting.

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About Revelian

At Revelian, we're captured by the undeniable intrigue and intricacy of human behaviour.

We help our clients identify the best people to hire, build stronger and more collaborative teams, create a more engaged and resilient workforce, improve productivity and performance, increase tenure, reduce the risk of safety incidents and counterproductive behaviours, and identify and nurture exceptional future leaders.

Our assessments reveal deep insights to employers so they can make better people decisions.

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