By Daniela Kraus, Director & COO, XVenture

In XVenture's work with elite sports teams and business executives its expertise is building resilience, yet it doesn't use the statement 'we're going to build resilience'.

"By stating 'today we're going to improve your resilience' you can create an adverse effect, which can lead to people being less confident in existent behaviour. Alternatively, such language can cause some people to just tune out," says Mike Conway, Founder & CEO, XVenture.

XVenture reframes 'resilience' as a process for improving flexibility and adaptability with a focus on self-awareness and reflection utilising its Winning Minds EARL (Emotional Agility, Resilience and Leadership) Model.

To build a resilient team, businesses need to create open learning organisations where people feel confident that even if things don't go to plan, the organisation has a process for working through this, and providing support to move forward. Here are some questions to consider as a starting point:

  1. What may be labelled as a 'mistake' in your organisation, or something which a person, or team, may label as a disappointment?
  2. If a mistake is made, or if the outcome is not the ideal expected outcome, what is the process in your business to explore what led to this?
  3. Regarding the person or people involved which led to the outcome, have they taken responsibility for their contribution (or lack of)?
  4. How is the learning applied by those involved and, if appropriate, how is this knowledge shared within the business in order to move forward quickly? (This final step is crucial.)

You can now learn all about the XVenture way, and utilise its tried and tested content to curate and deliver your very own EARL (Emotional Agility, Resilience and Leadership) development program.

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