With an average walking distance of 20kms per day, this leadership experience takes you on a superb journey through peaceful villages, hamlets and magnificent, tranquil countryside. It promises to be one of the most inspirational classrooms in the world, bringing history to life and opening the minds of all who walk the path to Santiago de Compostela.

This experiential learning journey includes personal coaching sessions while walking which will be based on your psychometric profile in Emotional Intelligence. This unique itinerary is designed to allow each individual enough time to spend on personal reflections, but also in guided group sessions, where we share experiences and learn new tools to practise each day in the continuation of your own leadership pilgrimage. All of this is undertaken as we wander along on the Camino in the northern Spanish summer.

This trip is hosted/escorted to ensure travellers are comfortable and able to make the most of the time spent on the Camino. It is also designed so you can share the journey with like-minded people and enjoy each other's company. Your host/escort provides assistance, support and guidance to ensure that you have an exceptional experience, with camaraderie and fun for all to enjoy. To ensure the integrity of the concept and journey, numbers are strictly limited.

Wandering the World provides inspirational travelling experiences on the Camino and many other parts of the world, and have teamed up with Workplace Harmony Solutions executive workplace consultant Matt Connell to deliver this very special leadership journey. For more information, dates and to book, visit the Wandering the World website.

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