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Attend the 27th annual EAPAA Conference: The future of mental health at work

05 July 2018 7:00am

Employees' mental health is a crucial component of how well an organisation performs. Happy, healthy and motivated employees are more reliable, higher performing and resilient. So what are the mental health issues present in the modern workplace?

Society and the modern workplace are changing at a rapid rate and ensuring your organisation is prepared for the challenges tomorrow brings in protecting your employees' mental health is pivotal to future success.

The 27th annual EAPAA Conference is dedicated to helping HR professionals understand the mental health challenges present in organisations, and how to get the most out of programs such as EAPs to ensure your staff are resilient and supported.

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With an expert and diverse array of speakers and topics, this conference is a 'one-stop shop' in understanding mental health in the modern Australian and New Zealand workplace. This conference strips back the mental health "jargon" and will leave you with actionable skills and understanding that you can implement into your organisations straight away.

EAPAA (Employees Assistance Professionals Association of Australasia) is the peak industry body for employee assistance services in Australasia. Through a history spanning more than a quarter of a century EAPAA has set the standards and benchmarks for service delivery for EAPs in this region of the globe.

Conference Details

When: 23–24 August 2018
Where: Royal Automobile Club of Australia, 89 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000
One and two-day tickets available

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