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24 January 2020 12:45pm

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Many HR practitioners don't feel psychologically safe in their workplace, and perceive that very little tailored support is available, says Your Best You Coaching founder Louise Spinks. Despite being expected to deal with highly emotional employees and disputes, there's no support for HR practitioners who have experienced trauma in the workplace, her research shows.


A new report highlights where HR skills are in greatest shortfall over the next six months, and details the top five HR-related jobs in demand nationally.


Transformational leadership is becoming acutely critical due to the rate of change and disruption in workplaces, but many leaders remain 'transactional', according to management expert Mathew Donald. Too many leaders still have an outdated approach, focusing on "transactions, structures and performance, potentially spending too much effort on the day to day for the future ahead".

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An employee has convinced the Fair Work Commission an HR manager fabricated her dismissal after she took sick leave. The fact that such an unfair and procedurally flawed dismissal could occur in circumstances where the employer had an HR manager was "troubling indeed".


An employer had a valid reason to retrench a manager as part of a restructure, but its "appalling" process transformed the redundancy into an unfair dismissal. The inappropriate manner in which the restructure and redeployment options were communicated "left much to be desired".


The Fair Work Commission has rejected an employee's unfair dismissal appeal, accepting that his dishonesty and refusal to comply with reasonable directions warranted termination. He alleged that he was the victim of homophobic persecution, but the bench found this was "nothing more than another example of his blatant dishonesty."

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