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09 December 2019 2:04pm

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Managers typically fall into four types, but only one type – a connector – consistently achieves better results than the others and triples the likelihood of an employee becoming a high performer, according to Gartner experts Jaime Roca and Sari Wilde.


There is far too much onus on victims of workplace sexual harassment to report and help employers fix the problem, says Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins. "We need to flip that around. I don't think employers have intended that their whole processes would be to protect their brands, but they have done what they think the law asked them to do."


An employee has won the right to have his casual service included in the minimum employment period for lodging an unfair dismissal claim, after proving he had a reasonable expectation that his regular hours would continue. Gadens partner Brett Feltham says "getting classifications right is a hot topic for next year."

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Kingston Reid partner Christa Lenard explains how to navigate the complexities of managing ill and injured employees, with reference to recent case law involving terminations, psychological conditions and more.


In light of #MeToo many employers are examining their workplace relationship policies, and some are definitely more useful than others, says Harmers Workplace Lawyers executive counsel Amy Zhang.


An employee's unfair dismissal claim has been rejected after it was found his timesheet fraud was brazen deception rather than a "single foolish dishonest act". The Fair Work Commission ruled "it was a calculated course of conduct consisting of multiple acts of dishonesty destructive of the mutual trust between the employer and employee".

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