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Case study: How Samsung's people strategies transformed the company


Some of Samsung's HR practices over the past 20 years might seem extreme, but they have transformed the company into a world leader in innovation, according to Seoul University professors Jaeyong Song and Kyungmook Lee. » more »

Office redesign helps workers gain 40 minutes a day

A Sydney employer's workers are an estimated 40 minutes "better off" each day thanks to a new office layout - and a new approach to technology - designed to increase engagement, productivity, collaboration, and creativity. » more »

How to keep workers on side when "turning the world of work upside-down"


An employer that "turned the world of work upside-down" for its people - moving them to a dramatically different space after 25 years in the same building, and introducing a whole new approach to technology - is observing productivity gains and cost savings after just three months. » more »