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Blog post: How many souls have left the building? A conversation on employee engagement

When the economy does recover, the floodgates will open at certain organisations and they will lose their intellectual capital. But that is not the scariest part. The scariest aspect is that that there are companies right now that do not realise the bad shape they are in with their business. They blame their ills on the economy. My question for those organisations is... You may have the bodies, but how many souls have left the building? » more »

Blog post: HR is the new PR

Ask any corporate human resource professional, and they will tell you that they wear many hats from recruiting, to referee, operations expert, legal counsel, trainer, and now branding, public relations, and marketing experts... » more »

Blog post: How to make more profit and save 40% of your recruitment budget annually – A Five Step guide

Before you embark on the expensive and risky process of adding a new person to your business have you stopped to think why are you hiring anyone at all? I see a lot of employers make a decision to hire simply because they have a current/imminent vacancy, have a perceived skills gap, or just because they simply have an empty box on an organisational chart... » more »