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Gender pay, engagement and inequality research; and more

The impact s-x discrimination has on the gender pay gap has increased in the past decade, according to KPMG research. Meanwhile, new reports reveal: men think male leaders consistently outperform their female counterparts; what's driving engagement gaps in lower-engaged workplaces; and employees are dissatisfied with leadership development. » more »

Research update: Insecure work; LGBTI inclusion; HR salaries; Paternity leave; and much more

Employers' calls for more flexible workplace regulation are misguided, a new discussion paper says. Meanwhile, other research highlights diminishing support for LGBTI inclusion; falling salaries in HR; limited promotion of paternity leave; and more. » more »

Work-from-home injury warning; Diversity excuses 'depressing'; and more

A new case clarifies that documented or not, employers that offer flexible work can face liability for injuries that occur while employees work from home. Then, read why 'dinosaur' ASX 200 companies won't add women to their boards; where leadership pipelines are failing; and more. » more »