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How to reward workers during a downturn

Effective communication and a "scientific" approach are critical in developing - or removing - performance bonus and recognition schemes, says head of reward at Hewitt CSi, Jairus Ashworth.

Start preparing now for modern awards compliance

Employers must ensure they understand the modern award system before it comes into effect in just nine months, according to workplace lawyer Shana Schreier-Joffe, who warns that the new Fair Work Australia regulator is likely to be vigilant in pursuing employers for non-compliance.

Combat depression and save money with a "moodometer" and resilience programs

Employers should consider introducing a "moodometer" and resilience programs in an effort to combat employee depression - which is costing Australian business billions of dollars each year, according to best-selling author of Back from the Brink and depression sufferer Graeme Cowan.

Job loss forecasts exaggerated: Economist

Employment growth is more stable than the mainstream media portrays, and Australia may well survive the global financial crisis without the big job losses seen in previous downturns, according to HSBC chief economist Dr John Edwards.

"Top grade" your talent to avoid a war of attrition

As talent-sourcing gets easier, employers should consider breathing new life into their organisations by "top grading" their workforce and shedding poor performers, says Taleo senior vice president Al Campa.

Smart branding: Look inward to engage beleaguered staff

Smart employers are directing their branding strategies inwards to engage workers who survive staff culls and to maintain positive relationships with the talent they're forced to let go, says MD of The Face, Adam Shay.

Don't panic! Think of your people and survive the downturn

Panicky managers that put bottom-line efficiencies before people during the economic downturn run the risk of obliterating company morale and losing their best talent, says Robert Half Asia-Pacific's managing director, David Jones.

Effective change management aids engagement

Workers who believe their employer manages change effectively are substantially more likely to be engaged and productive, new research shows.

New bargaining laws: Prepare to disclose company information

Employers should get ready to deal with trade union requests to disclose company information - and determine what they can keep confidential - before the first part of the Fair Work Act 2009 takes effect mid-year, says University of Adelaide Professor of Law, Andrew Stewart.

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