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Redundancy alternatives better in the long run: advisor

Making employees redundant should be considered as a cost-saving solution only after all other avenues have been explored, according to HR business advisor at The Clarity Group, Greg Smith.

HR among "loser" sectors for job demand

Only three employment sectors experienced a greater fall in job demand last year than human resources, according to the latest Olivier Job Index results.

Indigenous traineeship program boosting banks' talent development

Two of Australia's big four banks have found that an Indigenous school-based traineeship program is so effective in developing internal talent and expanding the skills of managers that they have committed to radically expanding the scheme.

Conflict resolution an essential management skill

Tension and conflict at work can reduce productivity and morale, so every employer should have guidelines to manage it. Kelly Services managing director, James Bowmer outlines a process HR managers can use to resolve workplace conflicts.

Retention still top HR priority in 2009: Hudson

HR managers will place greater emphasis on enhancing employee performance and restructuring over the next 12 months, but retention and staff development remain the top priority, according to a major survey.

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