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Alumni programs proliferate as downturn deepens

Employers are ramping up their alumni programs in a bid to maintain good relationships and maximise prospects for re-hiring staff that might lose their jobs during the downturn.

Does your workplace surveillance breach privacy laws?

Employers should develop workplace surveillance policies to avoid the risk of breaching privacy legislation and copping heavy fines - whether they intend to monitor staff or not, according to Harmers Workplace Lawyers senior associate, Bronwyn Maynard.

Leadership training often "too basic", not measured

Failing to measure the impact of training is one of 12 common mistakes employers make when spending money on leadership development, according to employee engagement expert, James Adonis.

Mature-age workers the "white knights" of the economic crisis

"Smart" employers are looking to mature-age workers to fill contract positions during the economic slowdown, to reap the benefits of their experience in challenging times, according to SageCo director, Alison Monroe.

Employers taking "wait-and-see" approach to hiring: Hudson

Employers appear to be taking a passive, "wait-and-see" approach to staffing, with hiring intentions at their lowest levels for eight years, according to the CEO of Hudson Australia/New Zealand, Mark Steyn.

Survive the downturn with a healthy, "virtual" workforce

For a "virtual" workforce to succeed, managers need new skills to lead their teams, provide flexibility and ensure consistent communication, according to Unisys Asia Pacific's Petra Buchanan.

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