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Webcast: Where are your talent management blind spots?

COVID-19 has heightened the need for employers to manage their workforce more strategically, but two common 'blind spots' are contributing to performance and retention issues. This HR Daily Premium webcast outlines the consequences of these blind spots and how to overcome them.

Can HR leaders maintain their new status?

HR leaders now have the opportunity to build on the legitimacy they've gained during the crisis, and employers in some industries are already at the forefront with strategic planning, a talent intelligence advisor says.

Inside a telco's employer brand overhaul

A telco has revamped its employer brand to better align with its recruitment experience after it became more difficult to attract top talent, and its time to fill and cost per hire started to blow out.

Case study: Proactive HR delivers on four fronts

An open and proactive approach to HR strategies ensures employees are engaged, leaders are in touch with their people, the organisation is agile, and it attracts and retains top talent – even in times of crisis – says a people leader.

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