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Q&A: Rapid antigen testing and the workplace

Rapid antigen tests are set to play a vital role in keeping workplaces safe during the pandemic. Watch this Q&A to understand your organisation's legal rights and obligations under any RAT program.

Q&A: Strategic workforce planning

Strategic workforce planning is now gaining much more attention, but it requires a particular range of skills and multi-pronged approach. Watch this Q&A to hear an expert outline leading practices and common obstacles to success.

Q&A: COVID challenges evolving for HR

Most organisations have now settled on their workplace vaccination stance, but in the months ahead plenty of new issues and challenges are sure to arise. This Q&A answers some key questions.

Q&A: Covert workplace recordings

With so many meetings happening virtually, it's safest to assume employees might record some. But employers can take steps to protect against the shock of a covert recording submitted as evidence in a claim.

Q&A: How lockdowns are impacting mental health

Current lockdowns, on top of fears about both the virus and vaccinations, are causing widespread anxiety. A psychiatrist says it's best for all managers to "assume that [employees] are struggling".

Q&A: What lies ahead for flexible work

The past year has seen employers evolve their approaches to flexibility in impressive ways, but where are we now? A workplace expert discusses progress, next steps and stumbling blocks.

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