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Webcast: Q&A - Sponsoring overseas workers

In this Q&A session, immigration law specialist Katie Malyon answers your queries about compliance with the 457-visa scheme.

The Q&A clarifies:

  • General compliance issues;
  • How to meet the training benchmark;
  • Remuneration and entitlements for sponsored workers;
  • Return travel obligations on employers;
  • Sponsorship costs and recovery;
  • DIAC notification requirements; and
  • General advice.

Webcast: Improve your boardroom influence

"There's no doubt that boardroom influence is something we all want more of," says Presentability co-founder Phil Preston.

This presentation outlines how to:

  • gain attention from the outset;
  • frame out issues for your audience; and
  • effectively sell your ideas.

Podcast: Employee engagement calls to action

In this podcast, hear Right Management senior consultant Colin Couzin-Wood share six key findings from a 2012 employee engagement benchmarking study, along with calls to action for HR professionals.

Webcast: Putting value back into position descriptions

HR professionals should play a "quality control" role in overseeing position descriptions, providing advice and support to managers and their employees.

In this webcast Right Management principal consultant Michael Sleap outlines:

  • the characteristics of great position descriptions;
  • the benefits of using position descriptions;
  • the costs and risks of not having position descriptions;
  • effective management of PDs;
  • who should write the PD; and
  • the future of PDs.


Webcast: Restraint of trade - recent case law and drafting tips

In this presentation Mills Oakley Lawyers senior associate, Erin Rice, outlines four recent cases on restraint of trade, and their implications for drafting enforceable restraints.

She explains:

  • the meaning of 'restraint of trade';
  • broad principles of enforcement;
  • recent decisions; and
  • drafting tips.

Audio: Managing redundancy under the Fair Work Act (Q&A)

How many roles do you need to offer an employee, to satisfy the Fair Work Act's redeployment obligations? When should you consult with employees about your redundancy process? Are you obligated to offer redeployment in another state? Hear the answers to these questions and more in this Q&A recording for HR Daily Premium subscribers.

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