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Webcast: Flexible work strategies for a COVID world and beyond

Employees' expectations around flexible work have now changed forever, and employers will need to step up or risk losing out on the best talent. This webcast outlines the current state of play; the business case for encouraging flexibility; how COVID has changed flexible work; benefits, lessons and finding the balance; "blended working" as a new concept; and issues to watch out for with WFH employees.

Pandemic-induced expectations of choice are here to stay

COVID-19 hasn't just accelerated a broad shift to remote and flexible work, it's raised employee expectations of choice in all areas of their work life, according to a global HR leader now aiming to give employees "as much choice as possible".

Q&A: Returning to workplaces

Many employers are now preparing or transitioning back to workplaces, and this has given rise to questions around managing employee pushback, safety obligations and liabilities, long-term flexibility, and more. Here, an employment lawyer answers some key questions.

Flexible work shifts out of the "Goldilocks" zone

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, remote working has quickly shifted from a nice "option" for employees to something they "must" do, and it's bound to cause cultural and engagement issues, experts say.

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