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More men need to access workplace flexibility: EOWA

Flexible work arrangements will be seen as solutions to the "problem" of women's employment until more men access them, says the director of the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA), Mairi Steele.

Employers to pay "market rates" under 457 changes

Changes to the 457-visa scheme are mostly in favour of 457 holders, and will disadvantage employers that have relied on on-the-job training, according to Acacia Immigration Australia director, Mark Webster.

Treat employees as employees, not stakeholders

Employers that think of their workers as individuals as opposed to a stakeholder group with "homogenous interests" are more likely to distinguish themselves as employers of choice, a researcher says.

Diversity budgets weathering the GFC: Study

The diversity agenda of major Australian employers has weathered the impact of the GFC better than expected, according to the Diversity Council Australia.

Legal system fails employees wronged at work: Christina Rich

The Australian human rights law framework doesn't cater for employees who have been wronged at work, according to high-profile discrimination claimant Christina Rich. She says corporate and individual leaders can play a role in reforming workplace culture, but the broader system needs to change.

Gender equality: "There is more work to be done"

The low prevalence of paid maternity leave in female-dominated industries shows "there is more work to be done" on gender equality in Australia, says Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick.

Employment rights standard sets benchmark for workplace culture

A new Australian Standard of Employment Rights gives employers and workers a benchmark against which to measure the industrial relations health of their workplace, says University of Sydney professor of labour law, Ron McCallum.

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