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Failing to involve HR heightens M&A risks

Employers undergoing mergers and acquisitions often fail to consult HR until it's "way too late" in the process, but if HR acts as a true business partner, executives will come knocking much sooner, according to a specialist in the field.

HiPo misconceptions place programs at risk

High-potential employees can be identified by three key traits, but misconceptions about one of them is putting leadership pipelines at risk, a talent management specialist says.

M&As require HR balancing act

A common mistake during mergers and acquisitions is focusing too much on managing the 'negative' aspects and overlooking opportunities for growth, says an HR leader who oversaw a challenging restructure.

Major restructures must balance 'pain and gain'

Balancing the 'pain' of exiting employees and the 'gain' of building a future for those remaining is the most difficult task for HR during an organisational restructure, according to senior HR professionals at Toyota.

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