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Demand for contingent workers heating up; Jobseeker intentions; and more

Contrary to popular perceptions, contingent jobs have been declining for less-skilled workers, and growth in non-permanent employment is occurring primarily in skilled and white-collar sectors, according to new research. Meanwhile, one in two workers intend to spend under three years with an employer before moving on, frontline employees feel left out of digital transformation projects, and more.

Case study: Transforming a struggling culture

Yarra Valley Water now has 97% of staff feeling aligned to the company's purpose and reporting role clarity, while also achieving gender equity at board and executive level and zero time lost to injuries in the last financial year.

Digital transformation requires "new breed" of HR; Aldi injunction bid rejected; and more

HR managers have an extended role to play in digital workforce transformation, but must first master new skills and tasks, a strategic workplace planning expert says. Meanwhile, Aldi has failed to prove to a court that publicising an industrial dispute will damage its employer brand; artificial intelligence is set to shake up recruitment in three ways; and more.

Organisational change stressful, disorganised: Research

Organisational change has definitely become "the norm", but while most employees see value in the end result, a significant proportion find it stressful and "very disorganised", new research shows.

HR at the helm of digital transformation

Organisations now recognise that people and culture are the most important elements of any digital transformation, and HR is increasingly playing a vital role in driving it, according to a specialist.

Six reasons employees fear change

There are six main reasons why employees fear and resist change, requiring leaders to take a highly personalised approach to helping them through it, a leadership specialist says.

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