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HR in prime position to "champion" change

HR professionals must fundamentally alter the way they perceive change, to become "champions" of organisational transformation, a leadership expert says.

Lean deployment drives employee engagement

Two years into its lean management strategy, efficiencies, quality of work and employee engagement continue to improve at Western Union, according to its APAC head of HR.

New "habits" critical in digital transformations

Any HR team undergoing a digital transformation must allocate significant effort to building new data "habits", or risk undermining the entire project, according to MLC Life Insurance's head of organisational development.

Digital HR transformation saves millions

Undergoing a digital transformation has halved Linx Group's HR workload, boosted recruitment and talent management efficiencies, and saved millions of dollars in upgrade costs, according to its head of finance.

Reinvestment key to PepsiCo's transformation success

HR can get stuck with "stripping out costs" during business transformations, but pushing back to reinvest savings has helped PepsiCo's HR leader keep engagement and productivity high throughout its changes.

Qantas transformation puts HR at centre

Qantas has achieved the "trifecta" of improved financials, customer satisfaction and staff engagement after its HR team convinced executives it needed to be at the forefront of all changes.

Meaning and purpose key in AI-focused workplaces

Redefining the meaning and purpose of work for employees will be a crucial role for HR in the face of increasing automation and artificial intelligence, a global HR think tank says.

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