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The "Future of Work" conjures up images of robots, automation, and artificial intelligence. While important, along with these conspicuous shifts come a number of underlying trends with the potential to fundamentally change how work gets done. To drive organisational success and progress toward their desired culture, HR executives must recognise and adapt to these trends.

For example:

Transparency. Knowledge and data will become more transparent within the organisation, changing how HR measures and evaluates employees, and importantly how employees and candidates measure and evaluate their organisations and leaders.

Process Re-sequencing. Employees and candidates will have new tools and opportunities to take action before employers do, changing, for example, the insights they bring to the table about performance, compensation, or leadership decision-making on social issues.

Work-Shifting. In addition to potential changes to the structure of the work-week, HR will learn more about when employees are most productive, upending traditional notions of when and where they should be doing their work.

Most HR executives, and their broader organisations, remain unaware and unable to take advantage of the opportunities these shifts present. Please join us at ReimagineHR 2019 where we will explore not only how technology is defining the Future of Work, but also how a broader set of hidden critical issues are impacting how work will truly change.

Register today for Gartner ReimagineHR Conference.

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