By Hon. Prof. Mike Conway, Founder & CEO XVenture and Emotional Agility & Mind Coach Socceroos

Before heading to the latest Socceroos camp in UAE, I listened to a lecture delivered by eminent psychiatrist and neuroscientist, Dr Dan Segel, based at UCLA in Los Angeles. In the lecture he referenced the definition of what the "mind" really is. Here's the definition: "emergent, self-organising, embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information".

This confirmed and ratified the work we have been undertaking at XVenture for all these years. "Emergent and self-organising" – the capacity for us to change, grow, develop. "Embodied" – this is your whole self. "Relational" – your connection to others. "Flow of energy and information" – what and how we send, receive and communicate.

After listening to Dan, I was excited. In the last two years in our work with business both large and small; in elite sport; in universities and schools and in our TV work, we have developed a measure and associated tools which help people to get a good handle on how they tick and practical ways of building a performance improvement mindset (PIMS) In essence: a parallel to the Dan Segel perspective.

XVenture's "EARL" measure considers an individual's self-awareness, management, empathy and social skills as well as reflections on resilience, leadership and intrinsic motivation. The output is simple and visual and provides a place to start for significant personal and team improvement. To date, we have over 500 data sets used and applied in many different ways.

The EARL Measure is both a starting point and a simple check to see how an individual or a team is making progress. Over the last seven years, we have built lots of practical exercises and solutions targeting improvement in each of the EARL elements. These have been now incorporated into a comprehensive program called XVenture in a Box – an online-based toolkit providing any organisation the ability to pick and mix from rich content to create and deliver a powerful team and leadership development program in-house, including their own EARL Measure results as guide.

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