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23 July 2019 7:00am

By Hon. Prof. Mike Conway – CEO & Founder XVenture, EARL Coach Sydney FC and Caltex Socceroos

Surprisingly to some, there are parallels in the work I do with elite sports teams and individuals, corporates, youths and families (who recently participated in the XVenture Family Challenge TV Series, broadcast on Channel 10 in Australia and Three in New Zealand).

Participants in XVenture's Winning Minds programs complete the XV EARL Measure, providing a benchmark of emotional agility, resilience and leadership scores.

During participation in our programs, teams and individuals have two options: take on a performance improvement mindset (PIMS), which leads to a Winning Mind, or focus attention and time on frustration and disappointment (FAND).

Based on XVenture's work globally, successful teams appear to:

Whilst the above are a simplified view of what makes one team better than another, these are common themes we've discovered. We believe it's worth it for any organisation to focus on developing individual and collective PIMS.

You can now curate and deliver an XVenture Winning Minds program in your own organisation. With XVenture In a Box, you'll get access to an extensive toolkit with step-by-step guides, experiential challenges, access to the XVenture EARL Measure and rich content to make your next team development day a great success.

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