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Do you have the skills of inclusive leaders? New Korn Ferry paper

12 June 2019 7:00am

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Diversity by itself is not enough: Leadership in the 21st-century demands that executives and their organisations move beyond diversity alone to capture the potential that comes from inclusion.

But inclusion is a challenge in itself. Even leaders who fully embrace the business case for diversity – understanding that homogeneous teams, although easier to manage, are more likely to result in 'group think' – often feel unprepared to be inclusive.

Inclusive leadership does not occur automatically. Inclusive leadership requires commitment and a strategy. It takes a comprehensive plan, grounded in the assessment and development of key leadership traits and skills, to foster inclusive leadership at the top of the organisation that in turn nurtures a culture where everyone is welcome and able to contribute their very best.

The Inclusive Leader report identifies the traits, abilities, and specific competencies that help leaders to become more inclusive in their own thoughts, perceptions, and actions – and to inspire an inclusive mindset in others. Download The Inclusive Leader now.

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