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Workshop: Transform your managers into agile leaders

23 May 2019 7:00am

Join Kristen Hansen on 7 June in Sydney for a full-day workshop, Manager to Leader: The NeuroTREAD Solution. This covers the latest neuroscience research on how to Think, Regulate, Engage, Adapt and Develop with the brain in mind, and teaches strategies to improve leadership.

This is what you'll learn:

THINK – Understand core brain functions and what impacts decision making, problem-solving and peak mental performance.

REGULATE – Understand the brain's emotional triggers and how to regulate emotions, manage stress and build resilience.

ENGAGE – Learn the key to enhanced engagement, understand the brain's social motivators, and how to effectively motivate teams.

ADAPT – Understand the brain's resistance to, and capability of, change (neuroplasticity) and how this applies to leading through change and developing change in others.

DEVELOP – Understand the keys to the brain's ability to learn and develop. We will focus on our GROW WISE model for effective goal setting and feedback through brain-based coaching.

Kristen Hansen is a pioneer in the field of the neuroleadership through executive coaching, training, keynote presentations and blended and digital learning. Drawn from her NeuroTREAD model, more than 15,000 managers throughout Australasia and the US have benefited from her unique and practical neuroscience approach.


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