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Attend the Rostering and Fatigue Management Forum

18 July 2018 7:00am

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Workplace fatigue is still a significant issue for Australian businesses across various sectors. In the face of tightening budgets and resource cuts, organisations require their employees to work harder, faster, and longer than ever before.

While technology and time-management techniques help, eventually the excessive workloads contribute to fatigue. Fatigue leads to mental and physical exhaustion, which is a catalyst to further illness, errors, accidents, higher costs and ultimately decreased productivity.

The Rostering and Fatigue Management Forum offers practical insights into the effective methods to battle mental and physical fatigue while ensuring optimum productivity levels through effective rostering strategies. This forum delves into case studies with proven tools and techniques to help identify, predict, prevent, react to and manage fatigue to mitigate costly human errors and accidents.

By taking a systematic approach to fatigue management, companies can minimise fatigue-related incidents while improving employee wellbeing and ensuring compliance with OHS regulations and best practices.

Attend this practical forum and gain insights into:

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