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Simple performance management system boosts promotions, cuts costs

A simple performance management system based on four core processes has raised employee engagement by 17 per cent and reduced recruitment spend by a third at eyewear company Luxottica. » more »

Blog post: Giving feedback to your boss when you're in HR...

Similar to the need for positive feedback, you've got to be there to take a bullet for the boss once in awhile, or at least identify a sniper before you go into a dicey meeting. If you've been known to act like a secret service agent when needed for the boss, they'll listen when you have something to say... » more »

Blog post: How many souls have left the building? A conversation on employee engagement

When the economy does recover, the floodgates will open at certain organisations and they will lose their intellectual capital. But that is not the scariest part. The scariest aspect is that that there are companies right now that do not realise the bad shape they are in with their business. They blame their ills on the economy. My question for those organisations is... You may have the bodies, but how many souls have left the building? » more »