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Blog post: Five habits that make you a bad HR pro

It drives you crazy that people in other parts of the business make considerably more than you (IT, sales/marketing, etc.) for a similar line-level position. If you want to make more money, then go into one of those areas - otherwise shut it... » more »

Accessing HR Daily

HR Daily has upgraded its servers to cope with increased subscriber numbers and traffic. To ensure ongoing safe delivery of HR Daily emails, add to your safe lists for spam and junk mail. » more »

The top HR stories of 2010

2010 was an interesting year for HR professionals - the economy was in recovery-mode, but this brought with it the challenge of how to quickly boost depleted teams and motivate disengaged staff to better performance. The remaining provisions of the Fair Work Act came into effect, adding a whole layer of uncertainty to HR's responsibilities, along with new legal risks. » more »