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Blog post: Egos in the workplace

A person with a functional ego has sense of personal worth and self-respect. They are assertive, believe in themselves, and take pride in what they do. Someone with a dysfunctional ego still has all those great qualities, but taken to an unpleasant extreme... » more »

Blog post: Discovering your EVP

At the end of the day, if there are good reasons why people want to work for your organisation they can be used to find and attract candidates who will be a perfect fit – but you just can't make those reasons up to suit you... » more »

Blog post: Resilience isn't just about optimism

When we talk about resilience or mention things like positive psychology in the business, expect to hear audible groans from people thinking, "Great, I'm wasting my time with this 'think positive' crap when I've got a tonne of work to do"... » more »

How to get the most out of a reference check

Recruiters and managers who see reference checks as the last hurdle to jump before hiring their favourite candidate can end up compromising the whole checking process, says Joshua Wood of Adaps IT Recruitment. » more »