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Webcast: Creating an employee-led engagement culture

It is neither possible nor practical for employers to understand the drivers of each individual worker - engagement must be employee-led in order to be sustainable, says Employerbility founder Kate Boorer. This webcast, recorded in May 2013, explores:

  • the link between engagement and productivity;
  • the nine-step engagement ladder, and how to climb it;
  • challenges employers face in improving employee engagement;
  • what employee engagement leadership looks like; and
  • the three steps to an employee-led engagement culture.
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Webcast: Seven steps for effective candidate screening


Does your recruitment process result in the best candidates, or do you end up "settling"? This webcast covers best-practice tips for screening and assessing job applicants. The presentation covers:

  • Context - who has the bargaining power?
  • Process - A, B and C;
  • Screening questions;
  • Red flags on a CV;
  • Interviewing trends and styles;
  • Probity - reference checking and psychometric testing; and
  • Offer and acceptance.
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