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Opposition IR wrap; and much more

The Coalition released its IR policy yesterday, so we've provided a brief summary of its proposals on the HR Daily Community, along with a link to more complete coverage on our associate publication, Workplace Express. » more »

Respect gender differences as you would cultural differences, says expert

Most employers recognise the need to be aware of cultural idiosyncrasies when doing business in other countries; but when it comes to doing business with men and women, important differences are all too often overlooked, says neuroleadership expert Silvia Damiano. » more »

Webcast: Managing off-site workers - Legal tips and traps


Many practical and legal risks can arise when employees work from home or remotely, and not just from ongoing formal arrangements, but also occasional and after-hours work. Watch this webcast to understand how to assess whether an employee has a right to work remotely; understand the legal and practical issues arising from remote work; and more. » more »