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Can you articulate your company culture?

"What's the culture like?" is the question most frequently asked of recruiters by job candidates, but most companies still can't adequately describe theirs, according to HR Daily Community blogger Nicole Underwood. » more »

Webcast: Contractor clarity - on paper and in practice

When contracting arrangements aren't clear on paper and are murky in practice, they become like the proverbial "ticking bomb", potentially resulting in massive back-pay orders for wages, superannuation contributions, and other modern award or NES entitlements. This webcast covers how to:

  • determine whether to engage workers as contractors or employees;
  • ensure arrangements satisfy established principal/contractor tests;
  • review existing arrangements to clarify your liability;
  • adapt contracts and practices to reverse the risk; and
  • avoid the risks associated with long-term contracting arrangements.
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Six things to consider before going solo

Many HR professionals toy with the idea of becoming a self-employed consultant, but according to HR Daily Community blogger Amanda Webb, you need to be in the top 10-20 per cent of your chosen field to succeed this way. » more »