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Webcast: The 12 deadly traps of workforce strategic planning


Organisations usually have marketing and IT strategies, but often fall short when it comes to a strategy to manage their highest-cost item: people. This webcast will explain how to fix the missing link and ensure your organisation moves beyond workforce planning to develop a true strategy. » more »

Employer that condoned poor behaviour forfeited right to dismiss bullies


An employer that failed to conduct "frank and transparent" performance reviews, or promptly deal with behavioural issues, gave up its right to summarily dismiss two workers for bullying, the FWC has ruled. » more »

Webcast: Building a culture of accountability


A culture of accountability will drive performance, behaviour and results in your workplace – but how do you go about creating it? Watch this webcast to understand how to build employee ownership. » more »

Do your frontline managers have these nine key skills?

Numerous studies show that frontline managers are ill-equipped for their roles, bringing organisational performance down as a result, but where exactly are their skills lacking? In today's featured post, HR Daily Community blogger Melany Gallant highlights nine areas that frontline leaders need to master. » more »