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Half of employers freeze hiring; Six ways to maintain performance; and more

Research on the first wave of workforce cost-cutting measures in the wake of COVID-19 shows which steps employers are prioritising. Also in this article, how HR can help managers maintain performance amid uncertainty; and business groups welcome support to retain employees.

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HR called on to balance economics and empathy


The organisations that emerge strongest from the current economic crisis will be those that zero in on the most pressing issues while staying true to their longer-term vision and purpose, Mercer partners says. » more »


Candidate care now will set the stage for future hiring

The job market has shifted quickly in favour of employers in some areas but now is absolutely not the time to relax efforts to provide a good candidate experience, says PageUp's head of market research and insights. » more »


Continued controversy over employer's 'Fair Play Guidelines'

A decision that a BHP worker who played a prank at an airport was unfairly dismissed has been quashed, after an appeal bench found criticism of the employer's "Fair Play Guidelines" was misconceived and irrelevant. » more »


Webcast: Coronavirus and the workplace Q&A

The coronavirus pandemic is posing many completely new HR challenges for employers. In this webcast, HR Law practice group leader Kristin Ramsey answers employers' most pressing questions about their responsibilities and obligations. » more »

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