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Award changes extended; Bystanders' role in bullying; and more

Temporary changes to help employers manage pandemic conditions have been extended in 74 awards, but one remains in dispute. Also in this article: the impact of bystander action on bullying; and the scammers now targeting HR professionals.

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Digitisation making jobs harder, more stressful


Employers' acceleration of digital transformations is freeing up employees' time to spend on higher-value tasks, but with the unintended consequence of work becoming more difficult and stressful. » more »


Scepticism understandable, but redundancy was genuine; Consultation duty clarified

An employer that made a manager's role redundant, then sought to settle his unfair dismissal claim by offering to re-employ him, did not act unlawfully, the Fair Work Commission has found. But in another case, an employer that didn't consult with an employee beyond initial talks because it saw the task as futile has been ordered to pay him compensation. » more »


Stand down direction overruled in light of available work

An employer's JobKeeper-enabling stand-down direction has been set aside after the Fair Work Commission found the employee could still be usefully employed. » more »


Webcast: Where are your talent management blind spots?

COVID-19 has heightened the need for employers to manage their workforce more strategically, but two common 'blind spots' are contributing to performance and retention issues. This HR Daily Premium webcast outlines the consequences of these blind spots and how to overcome them. » more »

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This week's top stories in brief

The week's biggest HR stories cover: dismissing employees for poor performance, failing to attend an IME, and 'time theft'; a $1.1m employment contract breach; encouraging employees back to the workplace; and more. » more »

"Imperfect agreement" on IR solutions; Dismissal roundup; and more

Working groups have largely agreed on the problems with Australia's industrial relations system, but the solutions will require some compromise, IR Minister Christian Porter has flagged. Also in this article: JobKeeper 2.0 regulations; new rulings on workplace misconduct, contract breaches and investigations; and more. » more »