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Fair Work changes "vital"; annual leave provisions the "most contentious"

Despite some "confusing" and "contentious" elements, employers and workers have commended the Fair Work Act's coronavirus provisions, saying they have been vital to keeping businesses afloat and jobs in place.

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"Side hustle" worthy of sacking, but process wasn't fair

An employer was understandably alarmed at discovering an employee conducting a self-described "side hustle", but it acted "too hastily" in dismissing him, the Fair Work Commission has ruled. » more »


Webinar: Best and emerging practices in employee wellbeing

The pandemic has given wellbeing the attention it has long deserved, with more employers than ever now making it a top priority. Attend this HR Daily webinar to learn the programs and initiatives that make a difference, where investment is best directed, and what outcomes you can expect to achieve. Premium members should click through to request a complimentary pass. » more »


Webcast: Three case studies – Critical role and talent management blind spots

While 'blind spots' are preventing some employers from utilising their workforce to its full potential, others are ahead of the curve in identifying and addressing them. This HR Daily Premium webcast shares three critical role and talent management case studies. » more »

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"Significant increase" in self-reported underpayments; Dismissal claims boom

More than 50 employers self-reported underpaying employees in the past year, the Fair Work Ombudsman's annual report shows. Meanwhile unfair dismissal claims have spiked in the Fair Work Commission, and general protections claims are now more common than EA approval applications. » more »