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Push intensifies for national pandemic leave; Victorian employers face strict new rules

The Federal Government has announced paid pandemic leave for workers in Victoria, but unions and business representatives say it should apply across all sectors nationally, to enable employers to better comply with directives around COVID safety.

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Employer advised to continue casual's JobKeeper payments; Employee anxiety peaks; and more


An employer had "no sound basis" to remove a casual worker from the JobKeeper scheme, the Fair Work Commission has said in recommending it continue his payments. Also in this article: employee anxiety has reached an all-time high; how to remain in a growth-oriented mindset; using employee feedback to drive efficient change; and more. » more »

This week's top stories in brief


The week's biggest HR stories cover: paid pandemic leave; embedding flexibility; factoring culture into return-to-work plans; and more. » more »


Second-wave motivation requires leaders to "hold up a mirror"

The second wave of COVID-19 is far more demotivating than the initial impact of the pandemic – a reaction that is heightened by unmotivated leaders, a leadership specialist says. » more »


"Significant shortfall" in HR practices forced employee to resign

The Fair Work Commission has slammed an employer's "manifestly inadequate" HR practices, after finding an employee was forced to resign because his bullying complaints weren't taken seriously. » more »


Webcast: Flexible work strategies for a COVID world and beyond

Employees' expectations around flexible work have now changed forever, and employers will need to step up or risk losing out on the best talent. This webcast outlines the current state of play; the business case for encouraging flexibility; how COVID has changed flexible work; benefits, lessons and finding the balance; "blended working" as a new concept; and issues to watch out for with WFH employees. » more »

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Best practices in preventing workplace harassment


With no signs that the #metoo movement is slowing down, high-profile sexual harassment cases continue to shine a spotlight on employers' inactions and failings in this area. Understand how to plug the gaps between legal obligations and best practices by attending this HR Daily webinar. Premium members should click through to request a complimentary pass, while free subscribers can upgrade their membership level here for access. » more »