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This week's top stories in brief

The past week's biggest HR stories cover: the first wave of workforce cost-cutting; rethinking HR's purpose; Qantas investigated for COVID-19 suspension; and more.

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Employer brands need recalibrating for lockdowns

The focus of employer branding during a crisis must be on existing employees, and many organisations might struggle to recalibrate their brand to remain relevant, an expert says. » more »


Candidate care now will set the stage for future hiring

The job market has shifted quickly in favour of employers in some areas but now is absolutely not the time to relax efforts to provide a good candidate experience, says PageUp's head of market research and insights. » more »


Webcast: Coronavirus and the workplace Q&A

The coronavirus pandemic is posing many completely new HR challenges for employers. In this webcast, HR Law practice group leader Kristin Ramsey answers employers' most pressing questions about their responsibilities and obligations. » more »

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