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JobKeeper proposal raises serious questions

The JobKeeper subsidy is a positive move for employers and employees alike, but there are some issues in how it will be executed and its implications for the labour market, an expert says.

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WFH advantages come to the fore; Communicating critical messages; and more


The advantages of working from home are becoming apparent to most employees and productivity is chief among them, research shows. Also in this article: the impact of minimising work frustrations on employees' ability to relax; and the most effective ways to communicate critical messages. » more »

This week's top stories in brief


The past week's biggest HR stories cover: the first wave of workforce cost-cutting; rethinking HR's purpose; Qantas investigated for COVID-19 suspension; and more. » more »


Three hours isn't "consultation"; manager wins redundancy claim

The Fair Work Commission has awarded a manager compensation for unfair dismissal after ruling his employer had decided to make his role redundant before consulting with him. » more »


Workplace perks go virtual to bolster connections

Having bedded down their new working arrangements, employers that focus on moving their perks and social activities online are reporting their strongest connections yet. » more »


Webcast: Coronavirus and the workplace Q&A

The coronavirus pandemic is posing many completely new HR challenges for employers. In this webcast, HR Law practice group leader Kristin Ramsey answers employers' most pressing questions about their responsibilities and obligations. » more »

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Qantas investigated over COVID-19 suspension; FWC proposes broad award changes

Qantas is facing an investigation into whether it engaged in discriminatory conduct when it stood down a worker who raised concerns about COVID-19. And the Fair Work Commission is proposing to add pandemic leave and other provisions into a number of awards. » more »

Half of employers freeze hiring; Six ways to maintain performance; and more

Research on the first wave of workforce cost-cutting measures in the wake of COVID-19 shows which steps employers are prioritising. Also in this article, how HR can help managers maintain performance amid uncertainty; and business groups welcome support to retain employees. » more »